Turkey Bowl

2009 Turkey Bowl  

2009 Turkey Bowl Champs

KHS Class of 2007

Class of 2007

Back Row: Aaron Yates, Huntley Grichor, Hunter Hood, Jake Eanneralli, Cameron Vail, Horace Gibson

Front Row: Brian Fisher, Chad Bauman, Derek McDonough

Friday, Nov 27, 2009
Warmups: 9:00am
First Game: 9:30am
[If Klein field is being used for playoffs, Turkey Bowl is off] 
Klein Memorial Stadium
I need your teams (by graduation year) by Tues Nov.24 at 5pm so I can make the tournament bracket.
If you do not sign up, don't expect to play.  [sign up by emailing me]
You have to have gone to (or will go to) Klein to play.  
Don't bring your cousin or friend who didnt play at Klein.  Sorry, we are an elite group. 
Send me your teams to KleinBowlGames@gmail.com 
1. Graduation Year
2. College
3. Name

 2009 Turkey Bowl 
GAME DAY: Friday, 11-27-2009 (9:00am)
1998, 1999, 2000
Kyle Jacobs (98)
Matt Kuehn (99)
Thomas Anslemi (99)
Justin Hebert (99)
Jordan Hase (99)
Chris Gatlin (99)
Brandon Lathan (00)
Mario Green (00)
Tony Jones (00)


Tim Anselmi
Jeff Hebert
Matt Mundy
Colby Wilson
Chris Robinson
Steve Burke
Earl Morris
Rischad Whitfield
Harun Griffiths
Jeff Hammonds
John Magri
Ben Childs

2003, 2004

Austin Creps (03)
Raul Castillo (03)
Michael Canlas (03)
Justin Karn (04)
Jeff Knox (04)
Craig Winkler (04)
Chris Bingham
Shane Jones
Kenny Lacour
Jeff Grady
Wynton Gibson
Ryan Corona

Derek McDonough
Jake Eannarelli
Horace Gibson
Hunter Hood
Huntley Grichor
Chad Bauman
Brian Fisher
Jason Wilburn
Landon Fruge
Cameron Vail 
Aaron Yates


CJ Palmer
Lamar Gage
Brian Moore
Nick Farley
Jequille Lyles
Chris Mason

2008 Turkey Bowl

7 teams and over 60 players showed up for one of the most memorable bowls recorded to date.  The round Robin Tournament was dominated by the Class of 2001.  QB Ryan Frazier, Steve Burke, Colby Wilson, Matt Mundy, Tim Anselmi, Chris Robinson, Jordan Hebert and classically best dressed Derek Alvarado, dominated the Round Robin Tournament going 3-0.  They fared well in style points and best dressed points.

The Class of 2007 and returning Santa Bowl Champs led by Chris Bingham c/o 2006 also played well in pool play.  The mostly '99 team consisting of QB Dan Burke, David Michels, Kevin Michels, Matt Kuehn, Brandon Taylor, Justin Bowersock, Markus Lloyd, Jeremy Lloyd, and Justin Hebert made it out of pool play at 2-1.  No one thought very much of the class of 99+. No one even considered this team as a threat. The younger classes noted, "This team [1999+] has no chance of winning.  Even if they were to win, it would be a Cinderella story that should eventually be made into an ABC Sunday night movie. No way, no how, would this team ever get out of the first round."

In the first round of tournament play, the class of 1999+, 2001, & 2003 won their first round of tournament play. This knocked off the class of 2007, 2000, and 2006 respectively.  In the semi finals between the c/0 99+ team [Ed Baily '00 and Brandon Lathan '00 were recruited] and 2003, Jimmy Dalhoff (c/o 2003) had one of the best plays of the tournament. On a first and 45, Jimmy intercepted his own deflected pass from Dan Burke to score the first 6 points of the game. At the end of regular time, the score was c/o 2003 - 6 to c/o 1999+ - 0.  The class of 1999+ struggled on offense not having even moved past the 30 yard line on any of their own possessions.  However, on the seventh and final play of the game, Dan Burke rolled out and threw a 45 yard bomb-dot-com in quadruple coverage to Kevin Michels.  Mind you, in 2006, the same play, same situation, same people, was ran to success in the semi-finals of 1999 vs. 2006.  Kevin Michels came down with an improbable grab to tie the game 6 - 6 [Check out the video and photos of the grab below].  This pass-catch duo was likened to the 1997 infamous, David Michels Hail Mary, to seal c/o 97 last recorded victory.  Appropriately, David Michels caught the winning one-point conversion to send the class of 1999+ to the Finals against their arch-rival c/o 2001.

It must have been the bi- in tournament play that the c/o 2001 received, that led to their loss. Experts in Vegas predicted the c/o 2001 to win by 6 but after some slow developing plays, the c/o 1999+ sealed their 5th Bowl Championship 13-7 over the agile and still skilled c/o 2001.  After the game, newly appointed team manager Scott Owen reported, "On paper, today, the class of 2001 is better than us [1999+].  They have a little more speed and agility in some areas, but at the end of the day, you really cannot teach experience.  That is how we won today. We stick to the basics and we win championships." 

Kevin Michels (class of ' 99 - Univ. of Texas)  was named Turkey Bowl MVP.

 2008 Turkey Bowl Champs
'1993 - '1999*
Check out what happened - Turkey Bowl
*Plus some Ed Bailey (2000) and Brandon Lathan (2000) action
** Markus Lloyd (1996) and Jeremey Lloyd (1993) not pictured

TOP: Brandon Taylor, Justin Bowersock, Matt Kuehn, Justin Hebert, Dan Burke
MID: Kevin Michels, David Michels, Brandon Lathan
BOT: Ed Bailey 

Markus Lloyd (1996) and Jeremey Lloyd (1993)

 2008 Turkey Bowl

2008 Turkey Bowl

2008 Turkey Bowl 

2008 Turkey Bowl

1999 vs 2003
Semi Finals
Down by 6, One Play Left
QB Dan Burke (1999) to WR Kevin Michels (1999)



2008 Turkey Bowl 
 1993 - 1999 
  1. Jeremy Lloyd (93)
  2. Markus Lloyd (96)
  3. David Michels (97)
  4. Justin Bowersock (99)
  5. Justin Hebert (99)
  6. Kevin Michels (99)
  7. Matt Kuehn (99)
  8. Dan Burke (99)
  9. Brandon Talyor (99)


  1. Ed Baily
  2. Brandon Lathan
  3. Johnathon Chaupin
  4. Ricky Rodriguez
  5. Logan Lecompte
  6. Matt Pezanoski
  7. Stan McCorkle
  8. Donald Thomson
  9. Brian Knowlton
  10. Mario Green
  1. Steve Burke
  2. Colby Wilson
  3. Matt Mundy
  4. Derek Alvarado
  5. Ryan Frazier
  6. Ryan Hamilton
  7. Tim Anselmi
  8. Chris Robinson
  1. Josh Hebert
  2. Austin Creps
  3. Treo Gibson
  4. Josh Mize
  5. Jimmy Dalhoff
  6. Will Lefingwell
  7. Nathan Ray
  8. Josh Ackerman
  9. Brett Vail
  10. Kevin Wittman
  11. Trey Turner
  1. Chris Bingham
  2. Kenny Lacour
  3. Karl Zipps
  4. Jeff Grady
  5. Wynton Gibson
  6. Josh Klawitter
  7. Clarence Corker
  8. Chris Ward
  1. Derek McDonough
  2. Horace Gibson
  3. Cameron Vail
  4. Hunter Hood
  5. Huntley Grichor
  6. Brian Fisher
  7. Landon Fruge
  8. Jason Wilburn
  9. Tyler Evans


  1. Matt West
  2. Henry
  3. Trevor Mickens
  4. Chris Mason
  5. Brian Moore
  6. AJ Fashola
  7. Lamar Gage