2011 Konicki Santa Bowl - Merry Christmas to the Konicki and Knight Families!

This year cash donations can be made at the game.  All donations and game proceeds will go to the Konicki and Knight Families as a Christmas gift.  They are free to do whatever they wish with the gift.  Please note that your generous donation is not tax deductible.  Thank you as always!

2010 Konicki Santa Bowl - A Knight for Cooper   
Who is Cooper Knight
Welcome Back. We hope to gain momentum from last years succesful 2008 Santa Bowl - due solely in part of your generosity. DeLin Konicki was so thrilled and overwhelmed of the generous support you all gave her last year, and this year we have the chance to help out once again...

This years chairty event fell in our lap once again. Cooper Knight is an amazing little boy. Most of you probably know him, or his mother, Sarah Knight (Imle), but Cooper is currently listed as a status 1 for a small bowel and colon transplant. This could be Cooper's best shot at a more normal life. He could get rid of the central line and TPN and he can be HOME more. He is such a strong and brave little boy! His story can be read in detail at

Our feable attempt is to raise a piece of the $100,000 in estimated medical expenses the Knights will experience in the first 1 year after the operation. Any little bit you give will make the event an instant success.
How  to Donate

This Online Donation goes directly to The Children’s Organ Transplant Association COTA in honor of Cooper Knight.  KleinBowl will not take one penny of the funds you graciously donate through the link below.

COTA is a national non-profit organization that helps children and young adults who need or have had a life-saving transplant by raising funds to pay transplant-related expenses.  Transplant families look to COTA for assistance and support, for hope
and miracles.

Since 1986, COTA has helped thousands of patients raise millions of dollars for transplant-related expenses.  COTA is a 501(c)3 organization; therefore donations to COTA are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  COTA is the premier national organization helping families with transplant-needy children and young adults.  100% of all funds raised are used for transplant-related expenses.  COTA does not charge a fee or take a percentage of the funds raised.


Checks are to be made out to COTA and put Cooper Knight in the memo line.
Come to the 2009 Konicki Santa Bowl - A Knight for Cooper and donate CASH or CHECK on the field. 
Your name will be added to the Contribution Page when COTA confirms payment. 
How to Donate ONLINE - Read the online instructions and Click the 'DONATE' Button at the bottom of the screen.
We would like to track the success of Donations through KleinBowl, so if you would like to send us an email at when you Donate online, I will be sure to add it to our KleinBowl talley (not a requirement).  We won't know to thank you otherwise.