The Turkey and Santa Bowl started in 1996 on the fields of Brill Elementary School. While there was representation from the '95 semi-final state playoff Klein team, Justin Jacobs (class of '96 - Yale - DB) and Johnathan Hebert (class or '96 - Notre Dame - WR), the history of the game was built on epic touchdown passes to sure-handed athletes like David Michels (class of '97 - Univ of Texas) and the fights between Doerre legend, Justin Hodge (class of '99 - Texas A&M) and self-proclaimed free safety Clint Macha (class of '97 - Univ of Texas). The game moved on to the Freshman fields of Klein in 1998 after a group of 8 year old soccer players hit Kevin Michels (class of '99 -Texas A&M) in the face with a soccer ball, and in 2005, we got a little more organized and set up a playoff system between the rival classes of Klein High School and moved to Klein Memorial Stadium. The game has become a Klein, TX treasure since all players must have or will have played football in the Klein Program in order to be eligible for the Turkey or Santa Bowl Championship and coveted golden football. People from all over the country come out to see how out of shape these legendary players have become. The year by year history is below.


Class of 1996 won handily with players from the State Semifinal 1995 team consisting of Justin Jacobs (class of '96 - Yale - DB), Johnathan Hebert (class of '96 - Notre Dame - WR), Matt "Matteau Bomair" Bomer (class of '96 - Carnegie Mellon Univ), and Markus Lloyd (class of '96 - TCU).


From 1997 - 98, the Class of 1997 dominated the competition due to the speed and quickness of linebacker Joey "Baby Boy" Cook (Class of '97 - BYU) and the Co-Free Safeties Clint Macha (class of '97 - Univ of Texas) and Jason Hebert (class of '97 - Rice Univ/San Diego Chargers - FS). Kleb standout WR Scott Owen (class of '97 - Auburn Univ) was known for his sure hands, L2R2 move, and his excellent clock stopping abilities. However, do to the lack of leadership, the class of '97 suffered their first lost to the class of 1999 in 1999. They have yet to regain a complete team and compete at the current level of competition.


The Class of 1999 has won more Santa Bowls than any other classes thus to date. Klein record setting quarterback Dan Burke (class of ' 99 - Notre Dame) connected with sure handed Matt Kuehn (class of ' 99 - Sam Houston State Univ) and movie star ("The Rookie") Kevin Michels (class of ' 99 - Univ of Texas) to establish this team as a powerhouse. Justin Bowersock (class of ' 99 - Univ of Texas A&M) was always a quick score threat as long as he didn't have a face altering ailment or poison ivy of the ankle keeping him from his full potential. Jordan Hase (class of ' 99 - Cornell - CB), Justin Hodge (class of ' 99 - Texas A&M), and Adam Turner (class of ' 99 - Univ of Texas A&M) also helped establish the stone-wall defense by trash talking. Play calls from Justin Hebert (class of ' 99 - Auburn Univ - LB) such as, "I am going to look real sorry and run a 5 yard route," also helped to establish this class as the "team to beat" and the 3-peat Santa Bowl Champions from (1999 to 2001). But even the class of '99 suffered defeat to the class of 2001 in the '02 Santa Bowl.


Former Quarterback, Ryan Frasier (class of ' 01 - Baylor - WR) , and 2006 Santa Bowl MVP, led the class of 2001 to a back to back Santa bowl championship. However their game was won in the trenches by all-time leading punt/field goal blocking linebacker Matt Mundy (class of ' 01 - University of St. Thomas). Sure Handed Jeff Hebert (class of ' 01 - Texas A&M - WR), Shoulder Dislocating LB Tim Anselmi (class of ' 01 - Arkansas Univ), actor Derek Alvarado (class of ' 01 - Univ of Texas), and freakish athletic ability from Josh Barfield (class of ' 01 - MLB Padres/Indians) made this team one the toughest threats.

Turkey Bowl 2003,2004

Then came the legendary Freshman team of the class of ' 03 led by Ashton Youboutty (class of ' 03 - Ohio State - Buffalo Bills - CB), Nathan Ray (class of ' 03 - University of Texas), Josh Hebert (class of ' 03 - Auburn Univ - CB), Trio Gibson (class of ' 03 - Tarleton State University - RB), and Robert Killebrew (class of ' 03 - Univ of Texas - LB). Their skill was great, yet their lack of discipline led to their demise.

Santa Bowl 2005

The Santa Bowl (Snow Bowl) was won by the old class of '99 plus the aid of quick speed Alex Tran (class of ' 00 - Univ of Texas) and Jason Hebert (class of '97 - Rice Univ/San Diego Chargers - FS). It was truly a massacre.

Santa Bowl 2006

In the Semi-Playoffs, a last chance, last play 45 yard Hail Mary from Dan Burke (class of ' 99 - Notre Dame) to Kevin Michels (class of ' 99 - Univ of Texas), sent the class of '99 to the finals over the young, agile class of '06 led by Homecoming King, Horace Gibson (class of ' 06). However the class of ' 01 with the aid of Jordan Hebert (class of '14) won in the finals against an exhausted class of ' 99. Ryan Frasier, QB, was voted Santa Bowl MVP.

Santa Bowl 2007

The Class of 1999 ran the table in the round robin and met the class of 2006 in the finals. Led by Brett Dewhurst (class of ' 06 - Texas Tech Univ.), Shane Jones (class of ' 06 - Texas Tech Univ.) and Chris Bingham (class of ' 06), the class of 2006 claimed their first Santa Bowl win. Brett Dewhurst (class of ' 06 - Texas Tech Univ.) was named Santa Bowl MVP.

The Rules

1. Round Robin, Single Elimination Playoff Style
2. 7 on 7
3. Team chooses possession by 2 out of 3 win of Paper, Rock, Scissors
4. The Ball will be started on the 45 yard line going in.
5. The field will be from the far hash to the sideline.
6. The offense will have 5 plays to score.
7. Every change of possession interception or fumble will start back at the 45 yard line going in.
8. Player is down with 2 hand touch anywhere
9. After a score, there will be a one point conversion from the 3 yd line or a 2 point conversion from the 10 yard line
10. Games are 12 min long.
11. At the end of 12 min, the team that played defense at the start of the game will get the ball at the 45 yard line regardless of who has the ball.
12. There will be 7 plays left in the game at this point.
13. Overtime will be started from the 25 yard line (3 plays to score) - have to go for 2 every time.