2009 Santa Bowl Player Sign Up

If you played football at Klein High School you are eligible to play.
 *Players Pay your $10 entry fee [ONLINE ONLY] by clicking 'PAY HERE' 
     (You don't need PayPal to pay!)
* Pay for your entire team $10 / Player [ONLINE ONLY] by clicking 'PAY HERE' 
* Send me your info at KleinBowlGames@gmail.com (if you paid for your team send me players you signed up for)
     1) Name
     2) Graduation Year, Football Number, and Position(s) - For Program
     3) Last education attended
How Much does it cost each player to play? $10
* If you are broke and you can't afford $10, go ask your best buddy, Mommy, Daddy or some other Sponser FIRST!  
* If they don't have $10, contact me at KleinBowlGames@gmail.com and we can work something out. 
Do you have a SPONSOR or Do you want to be a SPONSOR?
* If you want to sponsor a team, pay by clicking the PAY ENTIRE TEAM 'Pay Here' Button
Where is my money going?
 * KleinBowl is raising money for a life saving operation for Cooper Knight, and we are asking for a $10 payment as an investment into running the event. 
* This payment will initially be sent to Justin Hebert's individual paypal account. 
* We will use the money for (1) tshirts that will be sold for $20. (2) small amount of enertainment (moonwalk) to take in money to encourage families to come out to the event (3) Any other items that will be sold at the event, such as programs, to make money.
* Anything left over will be given in lump sum to the COTA for Cooper Campaign.  Please note that no one involved in KleinBowl takes any money for themselves.  We will be very open and honest about what we spend and how much we spent. Some KleinBowl members use our personal assets to keep this tournament going.  We aren't here to make any money for ourselves.
* Please note that there will be  PAYPAL's STANDARD FEE ascociated with this type of donation (2.9% + $0.30).  Only $9.40 will go into the fund.
* This is a registration fee - and this is not tax deductible.  However, the COTA for Cooper Fund is tax deductible
* If we meet our selling targets ($20 / shirt), your $10 could raise Cooper as much as $30! 
* Just to be clear - you aren't buying yourself 2x shirts with the $10 fee.  You are buying shirts, to be sold for a profitable donation to Cooper.  If you want a shirt, you can buy one like everyone else.

What's in it for me, Why should I pay?
* Your team will not be in the tournament if you do not have enough paying players!
* You have the chance to give a small miracle to a courageous young boy, Cooper Knight.  A chance to be thankful for your Blessings.
* Your name will be added to the Contribution Page
* You are eligible for the MVP Trophy.  If you don't pay - no Trophy.
* We plan to video tape every game, and will post stats and tournament leaders after the game. If you don't pay - no stats.
* If you don't pay - no recognition on the site or the Pre/Post-game analysis.
* We also plan on making a highlight video of the tournament.  If you don't pay, no Highlights.
* You will be in the Program.
* You will be a man.
What if I want to give more directly to Cooper, can I do that?
 * Yes and we highly encourage it.
* Go back to the Home Page and click 'DONATE'
Ok, How do I pay?
* You can use any of the following forms of payment (Credit Card or Debit Card).
* You do not need a PAYPAL account in order to donate via credit card.
* Click the 'PAY HERE' Button Below.
* Follow the detailed instructions Below (its really easy).
* THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON! So if you don't qualify to play, then don't sign up!


This page is for Players to sign up to play!  If you are a FAN, and are looking to donate directly to Cooper's COTA fund go to the 'DONATE' Page